Emotions Art Project: a conversation with the world

These are audio files collected from all over the world. You can participate in this art project by submitting an upload through our 'Upload Emotions' page. Feel free to discuss what is on your mind and submit a title, short description, and the category it belongs to.

view of the group
Expression appearing as a flock

Pakistan submerged
Who has justice in the event of a submerged conflict in Pakistan?

Basic service for all humanity
Unconscious labor is heading for ruin

sustainable society
Building a sustainable society

consumption and oblivion
Why do people consume and forget?

Fertilizing genes
Exceeding the speed of light and fertilizing genes into stars

Mathematical alternatives
The difference between a life with choices and a life without choices

Citizen world symbiosis
How to start Citizen world symbiosis

DNA artwork

Lucacchi Metrics

The Lucacchi will change overtime with the development of new uploaded content
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